Karim Kanoun Seance Portrait

With the Swiss mountains that surround him a constant inspiration, Karim Kanoun, a Tunisian-born artist consistently produces arts that —in his clients’ words— “turns a standard location into a dreamy place.

Karim’s homeland itself provided plenty of inspiration in his early days. Trailing his father, an amateur photographer, as he shot photos of the country’s breathtaking scenery, young Kanoun picked up the camera himself one day. The rest is history.

At first a hobby, photography soon evolved into a passion as he traveled around Tunisia, France and USA shooting photo after photo with his compact camera. In 2010, Karim moved to Switzerland and bought his first professional camera. There, amid the splendor of the Alps, his art started to become a profession. After only two years in the business, he sold his first photo to Smithsonian Magazine. Since then, he won several national and international awards along the way.

In his adopted homeland, several tourism offices have commissioned his work for their brochures. Karim can take a touristic spot whose much-photographed standard image has become trite, exhibit its inner charm, and makes it attract visitors to discover its hidden beauty.

The secret to his award-winning style? Karim thinks of a landscape photo not as a Xeroxed reproduction of reality, but rather as a: “whole new world created with my vision and my imagination.”. He envisions himself as a director who takes an ordinary landscape and transforms it into the stuff of dreams.

His slogan, “Photography is infinity times infinity creativity,” colors all his artworks. His work encompasses not only landscape photography, but also natural light photography, nature shots, outdoor portraits, cityscapes, travel photography, and HDR photography post-processing.

When he’s not working, Karim loves to hike, immersing himself in the breathtaking mountain scenery, gathering inspiration for his next creative vision. When he returns to the studio, Karim continues to pursue his goal of sharing that vision with the rest of the world.


September 2017 – Selected by the jury of Swiss Art Space to participate in the 5th edition of Landscape exhibition with 8 artworks – Switzerland

January 2017 – Ranked in the top 10% of most popular photographers in 2016 on ViewBug.com

May 2016 – Won the  “Openness” Photo Contest on ViewBug.com

March 2015 – Won the “Grand Jury Prize” of the Winter Photo Contest organized by Montreux-Vevey Tourism office – Switzerland

August 2015 – Finalist in the photo contest oenotouristique organized by Région Léman Tourism Office  – Switzerland

March 2015 – 2 photos selected for the “CREApoly 2015” Exhibition – EPFL – Switzerland

March 2015 – Won winter photo contest organized by Région Léman Tourism Office – Switzerland

Winter 2015 – Won Staff Favorite at http://www.viewbug.com

October 2014 – Won the CGN (Compagnie Générale de Navigation sur le lac Léman) Photo Contest – Switzerland

July 2014 – Won Staff Favorite at http://www.viewbug.com

March 2014 – Won photo of the month at http://www.ticketcorner.ch  – Switzerland

October 2013 – 1 photo published in the book “Vos 100 coins préférés de Montreux Riviera”,  Montreux Tourism Office  – Switzerland

June 2013 – Photo of the day at https://fstoppers.com – USA

June 2012 – Published in the famous Smithsonian magazine on almost 2 full pages. USA