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Professional Lausanne Photographer and can travel all around Switzerland. All my photoshoot services are onsite (client location) or outdoor in the beautiful Swiss nature (city, mountains, lake, forest, vineyards…). My photoshoot services cover natural portrait (single, couple and families), pregnancy, newborn, wedding, CV, corporate events, brochures, magazines, real estate and Packshot (product photography).

Outdoor Portrait Photoshoot

Get a Unique Photoshoot Experience

Capture the beauty of nature with an outdoor portrait photoshoot. Designed to be the ideal way to bring together family and friends, I will create a special photoshoot to celebrate new beginnings or special memories. Decorate your house with wall art from your session.

Pregnancy & Newborn Photoshoot

Celebrate The Moment

Never forget any moment of your pregnancy. My newborn photoshoot provides exceptional detail. Capture every moment of your baby’s first months of life. Pregnancy photos allow you to remember what it felt like creating new life.

Wedding Packages

Memorize Your Special Day!

Simply stunning wedding packages help ensure your special day is forever remembered. I will work with you to create the ideal photoshoot with those you love and want to celebrate this day with. I love getting to know the couple for intimate portraits.

CV & Corporate Events

Make It Professional!

Professionalism is essential. Ensure your corporate photos create the impression you desire. Ask me about your CV, and corporate photoshoot needs today. You’ll love the attention to detail and crisp, clear photos.

Packshot & Product Photography

Increase The Sales Of Your Product

My product photos help sell your items effortlessly. Connect with me for all of your packshot and product photography needs. Your photo session will allow your products to look stunning, professional, and inviting.

Fine Art Print - Wall Art Decorating - Lausanne

Fine Art Prints

Interior design decoration

Decorate your home or office with my beautiful fine art print. From wall art to collectible items, you will find a wide range of solutions available. Choose among my limited edition high-quality landscape prints to make a beautiful first impression.

Fine Art Print - Wall Art Decorating - Lausanne

100% Satisfaction Policy Guaranteed

Client Advantages

Free photoshoot session

The time you spend in the photoshooting is out of charge

Additional persons for free

No restriction on the number of persons, Bring as many as you want with no additional fee

No hidden fee

Pay only for the number of selected photos

Total control of your budget

Take your free photoshoot session. Then, decide how many photos you would like to buy at the end

Pay only for the photos you select

Pay what you get at the end not for the time the photographer spend

Your satisfaction is my goal

No payment until you are fully satisfied with the results. Period!

Previous photoshoot

Photos samples realized with previous clients

Booking a photo session with me allows you to tap into the skill, professionalism, and talent. Take a look at my previous photoshoot. Explore the lighting, beautiful colors, and intimate details of each photo. From product photos with stunning color to the subtle beauty of wedding photos, there’s nothing more important than choosing the right photographer for your event. The high quality of my previous photoshoot helps demonstrate just how passionate I am about providing photos that you’ll cherish for years to come.

Packages Price

The most flexible photoshoot rate ever

Outdoor Portrait, Pregnancy, Newborn Photoshoot

3 photos
90 CHF
  • 30 chf per additional photo
10 Photos
290 CHF
  • 25 CHF per additional photo
20 Photos
390 CHF
  • 20 chf per additional photo
30 Photos
560 CHF
  • + 1 free photobook
  • 15 CHF per additional photo

Wedding Photoshoot

50 photos
790 CHF
  • + 1 free photobook
  • 18 chf per additional photo
80 Photos
1190 CHF
  • + 1 free photobook
  • 16 CHF per additional photo
100 Photos
1490 CHF
  • + 1 free photobook
  • 14 chf per additional photo
ALL Photos
2900 CHF
  • + 1 free photobook
    + 1 free Fine Art Print (40*30cm)

CV & Companies Photo services

Rights for commercial use are included in all these packages

Photo CV
50 CHF
per photo
  • 40 chf per photo if more than 10 photos
5 photos
890 CHF
  • 150 CHF per additional photo
10 Photos
1490 CHF
  • 130 chf per additional photo
20 Photo
1900 CHF
  • 90 CHF per additional photo

Commercial Product Photography - Packshots

Rights for commercial use are included in all these packages

2 Photos
290 CHF
per product
  • + 90 CHF per additional color
  • + 150 CHF per additional photo
5 Photos
590 CHF
per product
  • + 190 CHF per additional color
  • + 130 CHF per additional photo
8 Photos
850 CHF
per product
  • + 390 CHF per additional color
  • + 100 CHF per additional photo
10 Photos
990 CHF
per product
  • + 490 CHF per additional color
  • + 80 CHF per additional photo

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Tourism Offices, Wearable Companies, Real Estate Agencies, private clients…


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions regarding my photoshoot

If you don’t find your answer below, you can go to the contact section (resonse within the same day) or use the chat feature and you will get an instant reply

Please refer to my client advantages section & my Portfolio to have a look at my photography style

As you may have noticed when you were looking for the right photographer, photographers usually charge your photography session based on the number of hours spent with you and the number of photos in the package. With me you don’t need to worry about the time spent in the photoshoot. You only pay for the photos that you choose at the end after the session. You don’t have to choose any package at the beginning. Simply take your free session and then decide what to buy.

Once you are satisfied with a certain set of photos, you make your selection. Then,  an invoice will be issued based on the number of selected photos and the type of the photoshoot.

Packages dedicated to company include the right for commercial use while the packages for private clients includes the usage for personal use only.

Besides, each type of activity has a different type of technique and post-processing workflow. Prices vary according to that as well.

It is simple, you pay only if you are satisfied. Period!

It depends on the type of the session. Please expect a delay of 2 to 3 weeks.

If you have an urgent need for few photos, then I can have few photos ready within 1 or 2 days.

A private gallery (hosted on my website) with all the selected photos, will be shared with you online. You can directly download the photos from the online gallery.

If you Select over 30 photos. The photo book is offered. Otherwise, If less than 30 photos then it will cost you 90CHF.

For the wedding « All photos » package a fine art print gallery style is offered (40*30cm).

For all packages, I do provide the service as well. The prints will be then directly delivered to your address.

Yes, I can provide you with a customized gift card for your beloved ones.

Everywhere in the beautiful Swiss nature, I decided to not have public studio. In fact, I do all my photos sessions on-site or outdoor in the beautiful nature of Switzerland. Besides, my expertise focuses on natural light. I want to keep all my photos with natural colors. Nothing can beat a photoshoot at sunset time with the golden hour colors. I am based in Lausanne, I can travel all around in Switzerland

My working hours depends on the weather and the daylight. I am very flexible.

You still have to choose a package that has the minimum number of photos .

Please keep in mind that all my photoshooting sessions are neither limited by the time nor priced per hour. Simply let me know if you need to have it within a certain time frame.

For outdoor, portrait, newborn and pregnancy, it is around 1 to 2 hours.

For wedding, it goes with the duration of the wedding.

For Packshot, for instance a product with 3 photo sand 2 different colors takes around 1 hour.

Please note that these are approximate values.

Outdoor photoshooting locations vary from sunny lake views to mystical forest backgrounds. Before the shooting, we discuss your personal wishes and make sure that your outdoor portrait is exactly what you wish for. You choose the setting that fits best to your personality and taste. After you have decided for your dream location following my recommendation, you can leave the rest to me.

For photoshoot related to Companies and Packshots, the session is realized directly onsite.

Once we set up the location and the type of the photoshoot, I will advise you on what to wear.

Every season has its own charms. How about a shooting in the park during autumn? Imagine yourself in front of red and yellow leaves, while enjoying a picnic with your family. Summer is the ideal season for a day on the lake with your friends. Place yourself and your beloved in a beautiful field full of flowers for a romantic spring shooting. In wintertime, pose next to the snowman you just built with your children– it will be the perfect Christmas card for family and friends.

Yes, as many as you want for free with no additional fee.

The only things that can stop us are: heavy snow or rain or strong wind. We will need to reschedule the session.

Let’s say you would like to have 2 products with 3 colors and 3 photos for each colors.

1 product will cost then Package (2 photos) + 1 additional photo + (2 * additional colors)

=>1 product (including 3 colors) = 290 CHF+ 150 CHF + 2 * 90 CHF = 620 CHF

2 products = 620 CHF * 2 = 1240 CHF

Book your photoshoot for free - Pay only for the photos you like to keep