Outdoor Portrait Photo Shooting

A beautiful outdoor portrait is a memory you will always cherish. Not only will it stand out in your collection of family pictures, it also works perfectly as a personal Christmas card or wedding invitation. Put inside a nice frame it turns into a lovely birthday present.

Every season has its own charms. How about a shooting in the park during autumn? Imagine yourself in front of red and yellow leaves, while enjoying a picnic with your family. Summer is the ideal season for a day on the lake with your friends. Place yourself and your beloved in a beautiful field full of flowers for a romantic spring shooting or pose next to the snowman you just built with your children in wintertime – it will be the perfect Christmas card for family and friends.

Outdoor portraits vary from sunny lake views to mystical forest backgrounds. You choose the setting that fits best to your personality and taste. After you have decided for your dream location, you can leave the rest to me. With my experience I will decide on the perfect conditions.

You pay only if you are 100% satisfied with the photos!

A professional shooting is a special experience for most of my customers. Don’t worry about posing and facial expressions. With my experience, I will create a comfortable atmosphere, so that you and your friends or family can relax and be your natural self. The way you are is already perfect and capturing your personal essence is the biggest joy for me.

Shooting a breathtaking portrait on location can be quite challenging. Different factors have to be taken into consideration, such as the right timing according to the sunlight, weather conditions, the ideal background and natural posing. With the help and skills of a professional photographer you merely have to focus on having a good time and looking happy.

In outdoor photography, the sun is our main source of lighting. Although there are several parts of equipment that can enhance and direct the light, such as reflectors and flashes, we still need to go with the sun. Therefore choosing the right timing is essential. During sunrise and the early morning hours, the sun brightens your face in a fresh, golden tone with soft, long shadows. Sunset time with its warm color temperature turns skin and hair into dramatic orange and symbolizes compassion and romance. While a cloudy, white sky softens the skin and lets wrinkles disappear, during a bright day direct sunlight will cause hard shadows and a charismatic sharp look,

Not only the background and color scheme are important, but also how you play with your environment. For instance, keeping the focus on the model in front of a blurry background is preferable in portrait photography. With the best fitting lens, aperture and exposure time,  I will create a balance between sharp and blurry parts in one beautiful composition.

Before the shooting, we discuss your personal wishes and make sure that your outdoor portrait is exactly what you wish for. If you have any special orders (e.g. a black and white version of the portrait) just contact me. I offer different packages for single (150 -/hour), couple (250-/) and family/friends shootings (350-/hour). If you are not satisfied with the results you don’t have to pay. Sounds like a good deal, right?

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