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Visuals matter when it comes to selling a product. In the physical world, where you are selling a product in person, a person can pick up an item, look at it, and imagine using it. In the world of online sales, that’s not possible. Nevertheless, they need to see what they are buying to understand how it directly impacts their desire for it. Professional photos of a commercial product are …


Like everyone else I spent a lot of time searching for “the best” solution for showing my work (and sharing galleries with clients). Photographers are in general very demanding and picky when it comes to choosing the right photography portfolio website service. In the following, I will share my experience and reviews of three photography portfolio solutions that I have tried: WordPress (couple years), WordPress + SmugMug (few months) and …


For photo post-processing and photo editing, many photographers simply choose the latest iMac version and they are very happy with that. However this comes with a cost of at least 2500$ which is a big investment. A much better solution would be to get a high end custom build PC (Even more powerful than the iMac 5K) for heavy photo processing (or video editing) tasks + separate 4K monitor + …

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