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Brief Introduction

Creating an architectural portfolio. Putting together a corporate brochure. Preserving memories of a beautiful wedding day. These are just some of the times when hiring a professional photographer can make all of the difference.

I understand how to work with natural light and how to get the very best out of my subjects. The fields I operate in are diverse. I am committed to achieving the best results for My clients.

I also creates fine art prints which you can use to decorate your home. These prints capture the skills and care of my work. In addition, they provide the perfect finishing touch to a home interior or other private space. On my website, you will find a landscape gallery of pieces ready for purchase as a fine art print. Have a look into my online gallery.

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Policy

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How I Work

All of my work is conducted on location. This means, I can come to your home, office, or anywhere else to achieve the outcomes you need. Family portraits or photoshoots. Product or commercial photography. Any other kind of photoshoot. It doesn’t matter what sort of project you have in mind, client satisfaction is my ultimate aim.

After the photoshoot, I  hosts the images in an online gallery. This enables you to select the ideal shots from the collection. Take your time. Look through the shots and decide which ones you like. I will accept no money until the project has been signed off by you. This is all part of my client driven service.

Why Choose to Work with Me?

It is only by enlisting the services of a professional photographer in Lausanne that you can secure the very best results for your project. However, sometimes it is important to go one step further and evaluate his photos galleries, his creativity and his client satisfaction policy. I approach my work from an artistic background. This gives me a keen eye for natural light and has enabled me  to master the interplay of light and shade to produce stunning results.

I draw upon years of experience and finely-honed technical skills. This enables me to achieve and even surpass your project goals. By working with you to understand your aims, I can provide you with a unique package of high quality bespoke photography. In addition, I am  driven by his commitment to client satisfaction. I structures each of my services – from romantic photoshoots to culinary and product advertising – in a way which suits the unique objectives you have in mind. This is my 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy.

Let me give you and your project the advantage you deserve. Allow me to put my skills and experience to the test in creating stunning outcomes which go above and beyond what you expect.

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Great Lighting at sunset time from Roses garden in Bern, Switzerland

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